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Unfollow, Confirm

1,200 photos of the same dog in a thousand different places. In each picture, the dog looks happier than I

Three Small Paintings

There is a little gallery in Old Town Albuquerque that you probably won’t find on social media. They don’t’ have

Reminders on Rhetoric

Maybe I have grown cynical. Maybe I need less time on the internet, fewer voices in my head. Maybe it

The Usual

There is this idea: the human body does a complete overhaul every seven years. Cells masticate, metabolize, and regenerate at

Dedicated Listening

I used to write for music rags. Free ones. I used to think that is exactly where all of THIS

Tales From Taxes

We finished our taxes this weekend. This was a Sisyphean task that we had been dreading for the better part

Maybe We Just Subscribe Already?

It is time to subscribe. Nowadays, a fair amount of my attention goes to online advertising. This kind of advertising

The Toltec Guide to Surviving the Internet

Step 1: Delete all of your accounts. Wipe your hard drive. Donate your computer to a local school and take

The Bikes

It’s not about the bike. That’s the famous, pre-doping allegation from Lance Armstrong. Winning the Tour de France time and

Books Read – January 2018

When you decide to roll back on casual drinking, there are more days at home just going through all of