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It seems I am never totally satisfied by having just one project. This is probably indicative of a much larger problem that I’ll likely never get around to addressing. I know that my head works better when I force it to work along numerous different mediums, languages, and formats. I write better when I take the time to shoot pictures. I’m more encouraged to undertake a creative project when I’m working on something that is analytical.

Keeping everything moving forward requires some organization.

I’ve been freelancing full time for the past year which requires keeping on top of everything all at once. I figured there would be a decent app out there that would help me make sure nothing fell through the cracks.

Spoiler alert: this app doesn’t exist. For the most part, they just become another thing to do.

I’ve learned that there isn’t an application out there that will get me to finish something I never wanted to do in the first place.

Email is the fastest path to chaos, yet it is the common language we’ve all come to hate.

Slack is usually a waste of everyone’s time.

I liked Evernote as a collection point, but the sync-errors frequently get out of control.

More and more I find myself returning to the pen and paper to keep things organized. It may not be pretty and it will never have the insight analytics presented in a nifty graph – but at least things aren’t falling through the gaps.

Lately, everything stays in a notebook until it absolutely has to be pushed out – drafts for stories, emails I need to ship, checklists that need doing.

No collection of apps will increase the realistic bandwidth I have. As a freelancer who typically works alone I’m really only accountable to myself.

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